1992 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 – Fresh Kicks


It might shock some faithful SS readers, but we have a Porsche from Japan that isn’t built by Rauh-Welt Begriff.He plans to expand into other markets and his personal Porsche is just one example of how he’s going to get there, although miyamoto-san admitted to us his top customers are mostly Honda and Nissan guys.

1992 porsche 964 carrera GT2 body conversion
1992 porsche 964 carrera 2 tire tread
1992 porsche 964 carrera 2 barramundi design

Miyamoto-san’s 964 has a simple spec list, so simple we decided not to even print it. It’s slammed at just the right ride height via custom 40-way adjustable steel-body coilovers. The exterior of the Carrera 2 is more or less bone stock. You’ll recognize the 993 GT2 body conversion that bolts straight on the 964 if you know Porsches.beautiful and classic car stock, and for Miyamoto-san it provides the perfect platform to show off what matters most… its fresh kicks.

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