1995 Honda Civic – Foe Tha Love Of $


So maybe we’re generalizing, but have you ever enjoyed a girlfriend who didn’t take notice of either a Tiffany shopping bag or a stack of hundred dollar bills? Imagine one yet? Probably not, which is where Ronysn Barrett developed the inspiration to build his show-stopping Honda Civic hatchback. It’s not built for the track or with all the dopest JDM parts. It was built to get a girl’s attention–plus it works!

Now 19 years-old and a full-time mechanic, we caught up with Ronsyn after seeing his EG blow-on the Hawaii show circuit. The ’95 hatch started bone-stock but quickly transformed into show ready form by using a built B16A swap, T3/T4 turbo setup, SSR and coilovers MK1 wheels. The motor was adequate for 250 whp on race fuel. From there, the time had come for Ronsyn to get crazy. His dad helped paint the body Tiffany blue excluding an added gold tint. Next came the engine bay…Ronsyn put together the idea by just joking around with his friends. No-one took his money-filled engine bay seriously so a couple of weeks later; he shocked his friends, and the whole community. Naturally, we were curious if he actually used real money and thankfully he didn’t. Nah, it’s not real. I would personally have rather given everything money to charity! he told us. Before eight coats of clear were used on give the bay its nice finish, the hunnids were printed from photo paper and then placed into the bay.we’ll and EG even admit, some of the staffers listed here are a little weary of its theme. But it’s something new, which we definitely have to give the teenager props for, and we can’t imagine a girl we realize who wouldn’t look twice at something that’s Tiffany blue and filled with money.

02 1995 honda civic SSR Mk1 wheels

05 1995 honda civic steering wheelPassion For $

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Location Pearl City, HI

Occupation Mechanic

Engine Rebuilt Golden Eagle B18C GS-R bottom end; B16A cylinder head; 70mm throttle body; Garrett T3/T4 turbo; 450cc injectors; Blitz blow-off valve and intercooler; billet motor mounts; Brian Crower stage 2 cam; ARP head studs; AEM fuel rail; Godspeed header; MSD Blaster coils; wire and brake line tuck; relocated battery; money bay

Drivetrain GS-R five-speed manual with limited-slip differential; Type R axles; Exedy stage 2 clutch and flywheel

Engine Management AEM standalone

Footwork & Chassis CX Racing coilovers

Wheels & Tires 15×8 SSR MK1 wheels with 165/45R15 Federal tires

Exterior Carbon-fiber duckbill spoiler and side mirrors; Password: JDM corner lenses; painted Tiffany blue with gold sequence; pulled fenders

Interior Integra LS black cloth seats; red cloth door panels; gutted rear

Thanks You Ronald Barrett, lory Barrett, Ryan Barrett, Rachael Barrett, wifey Tyla Barnett, Joshua Alayon, Hiapo de Jesus, Team Mansu Hawaii, Xtreme Soccer, my neighbors for not calling the cops, Ass & Titties clothing brand, 808 Kustoms, Sums Auto, Inside Original