2014 Bentley GT Speed – First Drive


Everyone knows supercars are a compromise. Sleek and low, they’re usually impractical and often uncomfortable. Most are also rear-wheel drive, which can be a liability in bad weather, where wide rubber and poor visibility become a handicap.

These were issues we considered cosseted inside Bentley’s second generation GT Speed. It kept us safe, warm and dry during aThe foul weather revealed a positive side from the GT Speed’s character as well as an ability we’d not previously seen, though rain is rarely welcome, especially when we’re attempting to appraise a powerful car.

The permanent four-wheel drive system perfectly distributed the Bentley’s massive torque to the tarmac, as other cars pick their path on the sodden surface. The peerless traction along with its 5114 lb mass was reassuring from the awful conditions. We quickly decided there wasn’t another car we’d rather remain in.

This first impression was bolstered in the hills, away from the busy coastal area. On empty roads, we picked up the pace. Yet as the route became a lot more twisty, the extent of your Bentley’s ability on wet tarmac became more apparent.

Using the full extent in the massive engine to sprint between bends soon felt instinctive, without any wheelspin or histrionics, the 616hp was effectively distributed to all four wheels.

The standard GT was always supremely competent but rather aloof. But the GT Speed’s firmer air suspension settings, harder bushings and uprated sway bars made you feel more connected, delivering more involvement without detracting from the overall comfort.

When negotiating a bend, the Bentley’s speed-sensitive hydraulic system was spot-on in terms of turn-in rate, feedback, weight and even the dimensions of the controls. So when pressing along a twisty road, it allowed you to make measured course adjustments effortlessly.capability to the rear, minimizing understeer and disguising the heavy W12 motor inside the nose. Again, you can feel the effect more readily on the slippery road, with the extra horsepower shunted rearwards to minimize understeer in the bends.

Torque is the key to effortless progress, or “waftability” as Bentley calls it. Using the 5998cc W12 further enhanced by large turbochargers and ECU software similar to the more robust Continental Supersports model, the important numbers for your GT Speed are 616hp at 6000rpm with a whopping 590 lb-ft of torque at just 1700rpm.

Because torque gives you acceleration while horsepower gives you top speed, the extra twist makes a bigger difference in daily driving than the extra 50hp towards the top-end, this represents 74 lb-ft more than the regular GT and. So, the GT Speed feels as though a musclecar, albeit a brilliant-refined one.

Up against the stopwatch, the GT Speed’s -60mph in 4sec puts it .3sec in front of the GT. However, the in-gear acceleration is far more noticeable, due to the closer ratios of the eight-speed ZF automatic, and its ability to block downshift, dropping from eighth to third gear if necessary.

Top speed has grown from 198mph to 205mph, making the GT Speed faster than many supercars, if you can locate an open stretch of autobahn.that is unique for the GT Speed, delivers a more inspiring growl under acceleration, particularly in Sport mode. Yet when you throttle back in Comfort mode, the aural signature fades to a deep whisper, revealing one other side from the car’s character. The car wafts along effortlessly, giving it a duality of character no supercar can match.

Visually, the Bentley gets 21 wheels, dark tinted mesh on the radiator grille and the huge, rifled exhaust tailpipes to distinguish the GT Speed from its lesser brethren.

Inside, the hand-finished cabin includes the Mulliner Driving Specification, which means diamond-stitched leather upholstery, drilled pedals and a unique shift knob. You can also have the ‘engine spin’ metal dashboard trim within a dark grey tint to fit the grille insert.

As an everyday conveyance, the GT Speed can be a practical alternative to a supercar, melding genuine 200mph performance with an exciting driving experience that might not be the last word in involvement, yet never ceases to amaze with its balance and refinement.AWD and Quickshifta youngster I fantasized about developing a car based upon my liking and imagination. It comes as no surprise once you get to know JM Yang of West Covina, CA, though i have got now made my childhood dream right into a reality.” Those are subtle yet strong words to come through the automotive enthusiast.

Once they become adults they simply look back and acknowledge their beginning in an over-all fashion, even though many enthusiasts say they developed their love affair with cars at a young age. But JM remembers specifically what sparked his passion, and it has stuck with him all this time. I’ll provide you with a couple of hints: It was a motion picture that had wild cars in it, and the title of the movie has two words within it that start with the same letter. Yea, I am aware, this is an easy one, right? Think you got it? No, it was not Fast & Furious. The movie I am talking about came long before F&F. I bought into cars at an young age, and as I remember Mad Max was the first car-related movie I watched and liked, he says. That’s right, Mad Max. What percentage of you remember that movie? If it doesn’t ring a bell, it wouldn’t be all of that surprising. For people who don’t know it, look it up and watch it. It’s kind of way out there and doesn’t even really have much to do with cars, even though that’s what many individuals seem to remember it for. In that sense, it is the same as F&F. Anyway, let’s reach the beautiful Evo X the truth isCome True

JM’s option to build an Evo X was based on logic. “I think it is one of the most capable cars on the market,” he says. There were some major changes that were made when Mitsubishi went in the famed VII-IX generation on the X-most notably with the introduction of the new transmission, even though “It can handlesnow and dirt, and also the track and at the same time be a dependable four-door, five-seater sedan for daily driving.” The history in the famed Mitsubishi Evo and also the accolades contained within will not need to be enumerated by me. The new transmission is known as TC-SST, which means Twin-Clutch Sport(ronic) Shift Transmission. This tranny uses dual clutches to change gears, allowing it to make shifts quicker than a driver could inside a conventional manual tranny in addition to quicker than an automatic tranny using a torque converter. It will this all while allowing no drop-off in engine power. Oh, and every one of this can be operated by magnesium steering wheel paddle shifters. Yea, I have to have one, too.

So, with all the decision made, JM went out and got himself an Evo X. He wasted virtually no time and started modifying the auto within a week of purchasing it. “My goal at that time ended up being to do the basic upgrades to the X,” he says. Even at this early stage in the car’s development JM addressed multiple aspects of the automobile rather than working on just one, like aesthetics-the focal point of numerous newbies. He put on a Do-Luck carbon-fiber trunk, got an ARC Super Induction Box in addition to a Tomei Ti exhaust, and lowered the car with Eibach springs. For wheels, he selected a pair of Gram Lights 57G in Hyper Bronze initially, but ended up switching them out for a collection of Gram Lights 57D in Luminous Yellow. Precisely what is considered basic to some can be much more than this to others. Many enthusiasts would be more than pleased with an Evo X MR with those mods, but they proved to be insufficient for JM after only a short while, especially after spending time perusing reading and forums and studying automotive media, like magazines and blogs, as well as the major tuning shops from Japan.

2010 mitsubishi X MR CZ4A colt speed engine cover

2010 mitsubishi X MR CZ4A samco hoses

2010 mitsubishi X MR CZ4A colt speed hood prop

“There are a lot of people in the marketplace who I look up to, both locally and abroad. Jay of JDMEGO, Bill of JDMphasis, Ben of Bulletproof Automotive, and countless other builds have served as inspiration for me,” JM says. “They have been advocates of innovation over imitation, and that motto I actually have used as being a cornerstone inside my build philosophy.”

JM clearly does those individual’s names justice in his build. His choice of top-tier parts has created a beautiful Evo that will withstand the test of time and then make any JDM fanboy damn near lose his mind. For the exterior aero, Varis units were selected in conjunction with names, likeVoltex and CWEST, and Ganador, all of it flowing smoothly using the one-and-only Volk TE37SL wheels in the Pressed Graphite finish. Sitting behind the wheels is an Alcon big brake kit in the UK FQ400 model X. The red decals in the wheels tie the Bride Cuga seats and Coltspeed engine cover in perfectly. The combination of the colors and parts chosen in this build create a build that is about as close to perfect as you can.

When we asked JM what the purpose and goal of this build was, he stated, “To build a well-rounded car using reliable and quality products.” It is evident by his choice in top-shelf manufacturers that he stayed true not just in his goal but to the spirit of the builds of people who came before him and inspired him, and who provided the inspiration and credo that were your building blocks of his own perspective. Most importantly, the consequence of this type of perspective in a car build is satisfaction and contentment. That may not sound like much, but what number of us within our own build ever get to the point where we are truly content with your vehicle as it sits? “For now, it is reliable advice that I am satisfied with my current setup and that there won’t be any major changes happening soon. I wish to enjoy it since it is and it will act as my daily driver.” Congratulations, JM, you have achieved what many seek rather than find. And you get to enjoy it every single day.